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We are honoured to be a partner in the FIPRSECI awards for the past 3 years The movies by debutant film makers from around the globe screened in IFFT are also competing for the prestigious award for first time auteurs. This recognition indicates that the Festival is acknowledged as an important one.

FIPRESCI CRITICS WEEK Competition for the International Debut Feature Films –3rd FIPRESCIIndia Award We have been a partner to the FIPRESCI awards. In this edition also, international movies directed by debutants will be considered for this prestigious award. we are hopeful of having entries from different parts of the globe, to compete for the award. This recognition adds to our prestige, but also demands more focus and earnestness from us.

K W Joseph FILM Award

We have been presenting the K W Joseph Memorial Award (to commemorate the first film exhibitor of Kerala) to debutant directors from India, for the past nine years. This has also gained much acceptability among the film fraternity and moreover, the award goes a long way in bringing upcoming film makers from India to limelight.


I n memory of K W Joseph, (who with his rudimentary bioscope projector, exhibited films in the towns of Kerala way back in1907) we have been organizing a competition to select the best film by debut directors from India.The Prize money is Rs.1 lakh and a citation. Indian Cinema is now witnessing a group of highly talented film makers who are creating their own spaces in the scenario and to acknowledge them is the need of the hour. As in previous years, this time also we hope that more resourceful debutants would participate in the event.

FFSI Vijay Mulay Life Time Achievement Award

This award instituted jointly Federation of Film Societies of India and IFFT is a gesture of expressing our gratitude to senior personalities. This award is instituted in memory of the renowned documentarist, author and film activist Vijay Mulay.

3RD FFSI – VIJAY MULAY LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDRS.50000/- AND CITATION Vijay Mulay (1921-2019), the celebrated documentary film maker, historian, researcher and activist was an inspiring figure in the Indian film Industry. We have been privileged to honour seasoned film personalities whose contributions have a been a source of encouragement and inspiration to all of us . We are keenly looking forward to honour a respected film personality by presenting the award this time also. AWARD WINNERS OF PREVIOUS YEARS • 2020 – Smt. Aruna Vasudev • 2021 – Sri Chelavur Venu

Publications The role of Festival Booklets cannot be discounted. They provide insightful information of the screenings held and are historical documents. The booklets brought out by us with their brief and clear information were well received by the film fraternity. Our endeavours in the publishing field resulted in the publication of five books. Two of them were biographies, one of P K Nair, the former director of Film Archives of India and of K R Mohan the eminent film maker. • In addition to conducting Film Festivals, we have stepped our feet into the arena of film studies and cultural studies. Apart from the festival books and daily bulletins published as a part of IFFT, we have published serious works of film studies. • 2004 - Samatharayatrakal written by C.S. Venkiteswaran about the films of K.R. Mohan • Not Quite Straight; Questioning Gender Performances in Popular Films Supriya Madangarly,-4th Pavithran Memorial Lecture. • 2012 - P.K. Nair: Nalla Cinemayude Kavalal - A biographical work of P.K. Nair, former director of National Film Archives of India - by Dr. Roshni Swapna. • We also operate an online Bi Monthly , Kottaka Cinema Dwai Maasika. • Insights and annual publications also claimed wide attention


  • Chairman: M.F.Thomas, Film Critic

  • Convener: Paul Mohan Kattookkaran

  • Members: Mohan Paul Kattookkaran

  • Cherian Joseph Kanjiraparambil

  • Paul Jos Kattookkaran

Festival Book & Bullettin

  • Chairman: Prasanth P.P

  • Editor& Convener: D Ashtamoorthy

  • Members: Sandeep



  • Chairman : Dr.Rajesh M R

  • Convener: Vineesh P V

  • Chairman: Davis Chungath

  • Convener: Rajan K

  • Members: Dr.A A Baby

Media Chairman

  • Prabhat,President,Press Club

  • Convener: Vineetha M V


  • Chairman: DR. Gireesan

  • Convener:V.K.Sasikumar

  • Members:

  • Thrissivapuram Mohanachandran

  • Mahesh Kamath



  • Chairman: Paul Jos Kaattookaran

  • Chairman : Jayasree K K

  • Convener: A.Radhakrishnan

  • Convener : Salini Joy

P.K.NAIR Digital Film Library


  • Chairman: Rajeevan AV

  • Chairman: Dr.Anandan Raghavan

  • Convener : Davis K.A

  • Convener: Shameer P S

  • Shelly Paul



  • Chairman: Narayanan TK

  • Chairman : Babu J Maliackal

  • Convener: Bastian

Satelite Screening


  • Chairman: Rajagopal N

  • Chairman: Adv K P Raviprakash

  • Convener : Vipin

  • Vice chairman : Unnikrishnan

  • Convener: Ramesh kumar K.A

  • Members: Naveen V B , P.K.Kithan


  • Members: Chairman: Jos K.A

  • Convener: George P.C

  • Members: Krishnakumar C M

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