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International Film Festival of Thrissur


  • Thrissur JANASAMSKARA Chalachitrakendram

  • Thrissur Corporation

  • Thrissur Jilla Panchayat


18th IFFT @ Kerala - 2023 March 03-09 
INOX MOVIES- Sobha City Mall - Thrissur 
International Film Festival Thrissur 



                 FIPRESCI -India Award for Best Debut International  


              K W JOSEPH Film Award for BEST Indian Debut - 

Award for BEST Malayalam Debut   



Contemporary World Cinema- 


Indian Panorama


Malayalam Cinema Now 

Retrospective - 
~Ananth Narayan Mahadevan -


75 Years of FILM SOCIETY MOVEMENT in India


PAVITHRAN Memorial Lecture 

Sumithra Peris Anusmaranam-- Premendra Mazumder -

Sudhir Nandgoankar  Smarana


Mrinalsen   - Centenary 


Satyajit Ray -  Re visited





18th IFFT @ Kerala 
2023 March 03-09 
Sobha City Mall

International Film Festival Thrissur

71 MOVIES  -  140 SHOWS - ONE WEEK  - 20000 Footsteps -7 Sub Screening centres in Thrissur 

Irinjalakuda - Varandarappilly -Perinjannam -Kuzhikkaatussery - Kodungaloor - Nattika - Guruvayur 


FIPRESCI India CRITICS WEEK Competition for International Debut Feature Film Award 

4th FIPRESCI India Award 2023


1st/2nd Feature Film of A Director 
(International Competition for FIPRESCI-India Award)

1. Don’t Bury Me Without Ivan -  Russia, 2022, 124M, By- Libov Borisova                  

2 . A House with No Names - Patalghor - Bangladesh, 2022, 113M. By- Noor Imran Mithu 
3. Memories of Gloomy Monsoons-Saatao - Bangladesh, 2022, 96M. By- Khandaker Sumon 
4. Even God Won't Forgive -  Tunisia, 2023, 95M. By- Karim Berrhouma 
5. The Globe-  Kazakhstan, 2022, 70M, By- Dauletzhan Makhmut 
6. Naanera – Grandpa’s House -  India, Rajasthani, 2022, 116M. By- Deepankar Prakash

7. Bulletproof Children - Sri lanka, 2019, 120M. By- Indika Ferdinando

18th IFFT @ Kerala 
2023 March 03-09 
Sobha City Mall

International Film Festival Thrissur                 
71 MOVIES  -  140 SHOWS - ONE WEEK   -

7 Sub Screening centres in Thrissur 

Irinjalakuda - Varandarappilly -Perinjannam -Kuzhikkaatussery - Kodungaloor - Nattika - Guruvayur

IFFT Award for MALAYALAM DEBUT Competition 

1. 19(1)a       -     Dir: Indhu V S – Mal  - 2022 
2. Ekan Anekan – Dir: Chidambara Palaniappan L – Mal – 98’ -2022 
3. ila Veezha Poonchira -  The valley sans Leaves – Dir: Shahi Kabeer-Mal-103’-2022
4. Normal  - Dir: Pratheesh Prasad- Mal – 100:34’ - 2022 
5. Others -  Dir:Srikanth Sreedharan - Mal – 83:17’ - 2022 
6. Laala  - Dir: Sathish P Babu-Malayalam – 95:51’- 2023

18th IFFT @ Kerala 
2023 March 03-09 

                             Sobha City Mall                            International Film Festival Thrissur                                                                                                                                                                                                      KW JOSEPH Film Award for INDIAN DEBUT Competition 
                            -------------                               1.    Akoman - Dir:Pranjal K Saikia – Assamese-77’-2022 
2. A Photographer who clicks blur photographs –-Dir: Utkarsh Chaturvedi- Hindi-65’-2023 
3 .    Bhoomiyude uppu – Salt of the Earth, India, Malayalam, 2022, 90M.,Dir: Sunny Joseph 
4. Ghasjomi (Grassland) – Dir:Sumantra Roy- Bengali – 112’-2022 
5.Koli Esru, Dir:- Champa Shetty-  Kannada - 83’- 2022 
6. Lokkhir Paa -The Faded Footprints -Dir:Abhik Das – Bengali-75’-2022 
7. Naanu Kusuma – I am Kusuma – Dir: Krishne Gowda – Kannada -105’- 2022 
8. On Either Sides of the Pond, Hindi/Maithili, 2022, 105M. By - Parth Saurabh 
9. SONGYA – ( Traditions-Rituals-Pride) -Dir: Dr.Milind Inamdar -Marathi-141’-2022 
10. Ticha Shahar Hona-city personified-Writer&Director - Rasika Agashe/Marathi-98:21’-2021 
11. Tortoise Under The Earth (Dharti Latar Re Horo)/Dir: Shishir Jha/Santhali/97’/2022

FIPRESCI India Awards - 4th Edition

FIPRESCI CRITICS WEEK Competition for the International Debut Feature Films –4th FIPRESCI-India Award We have been a partner to the FIPRESCI awards. In this edition also, international movies directed by debutants will be considered for this prestigious award. we are hopeful of having entries from different parts of the globe, to compete for the award. This recognition adds to our prestige, but also demands more focus and earnestness from us. 


 In memory of K W Joseph, (who with his rudimentary bioscope projector, exhibited films in the towns of Kerala way back in1907) we have been organizing a competition to select the best film by debut directors from India. The Prize money is Rs.1 lakh and a citation. Indian Cinema is now witnessing a group of highly talented film makers who are creating their own spaces in the scenario and to acknowledge them is the need of the hour. As in previous years, this time also we hope that more resourceful debutants would participate in the event. 


   FFSI Vijaya Mulay Life Time Achievement Award

This award instituted jointly Federation of Film Societies of India and IFFT is a gesture of expressing our gratitude to senior personalities.  This award is instituted in memory of the renowned documentarist, author and film activist Vijaya Mulay.

4th FFSI – VIJAYA MULAY LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD RS.50000/- AND CITATION Vijaya Mulay (1921-2019), the celebrated documentary film maker, historian, researcher and activist was an inspiring figure in the Indian film Industry. We have been privileged to honour seasoned film personalities whose contributions have a been a source of encouragement and inspiration to all of us . We are keenly looking forward to honour a respected film personality by presenting the award this time also.


  • 2020 – Smt. Aruna Vasudev

  • 2021 – Sri ChelavurVenu

  • 2022 – Sri . Amrit Gangar

  • 2023 -


The role of Festival Booklets cannot be discounted.  They provide insightful information of the screenings held and are historical documents.  The booklets brought out by us with their brief and clear information were well received by the film fraternity.  Our endeavours in the publishing field resulted in the publication of five books.  Two of them were biographies, one of P K Nair, the former director of Film Archives of India and of K R Mohan the eminent film maker. 

graphs & more.

  • In addition to conducting Film Festivals, we have stepped our feet into the arena of film studies and cultural studies. Apart from the festival books and daily bulletins published as a part of IFFT, we have published serious works of film studies.

  • 2004 -  Samatharayatrakal written by C.S. Venkiteswaran about the films of K.R. Mohan

  • Not Quite Straight; Questioning Gender Performances in Popular FilmsSupriyaMadangarly,-4th Pavithran Memorial Lecture.

  • 2012 - P.K. Nair: Nalla CinemayudeKavalal- A biographical work of P.K. Nair,

       former director of National Film Archives of India - by Dr. Roshni Swapna.

  • We also operate an online Bi Monthly ,Kottaka Cinema Bi Monthly.

  • Insights and annual publications also claimed wide attention.

Condensed History of activities :

  ●   Organising IFFF -International Folklore Film Festival since 2017 to 2023


  • Ten days touring Film Festivals was organized in the year 2005, 2006 and 2011 before film festivals that aimed at the college campuses which attracted the students and  resulted  in  wide  spread  establishment  of  film  societies  and  cinema  clubs  at Schools and Colleges over Thrissur district.


  • 10 days long Script workshops for teachers and students. (2006, 2007, 2008)

  • 3 Day Film Workshop – MILINDI – for the Folk groups of Naatukalakarakootam

             With the support of Kerala Chalachitra Academy


  • Films Division Thrissur Zone, Weekly Screening of Documentary & Short Film


  • 16th European Union Film Festival (April, 2011)


  • Chaaya 13 Documentary Award


  • Two days Women Film Festival (2006).


  • A Seminar was also organized discussing the problems of internalizing the women issues by films.


  • Football Film Festivals focusing the football during World Cup season. (2006)


  • Five day Children’s Film Festival in support of Kerala Children’s Film Society.

  • The students from various schools participated. (2008)


  • Two days Iranian Film Festival with the support of Iranian embassy. Cultural Councilor  of Iranian embassy attended the function.

  • Two days Palestinian Film Festival was also organized.


  • Kashmiri Festival of Films.(2013) 3 Days


  • Centenary of Indian Feature Cinema. 25 Days


  • Regular screenings of Indian Classics are being organized.




  • Iniating online Film Academy


       Supporting Media Schools for conducting Film Festivals and Film Orientation

History of Previous Festivals

The festivals of yesteryears were not restricted to movie house exhibitions.  Seminars and talks by eminent film and art personalities witnessed active and ardent participation from all walks of life.  The Tier 2 towns and villages were also brought to our operational ambit and the involvement of enthusiasts from those places were encouraging. 

2004  - August Venue: Sapna and Jos Theatres. Altogether 90 films were screened.

           Prof. M.N Vijayan, reputed cultural critique was the director of festival.  Executive Director: Cherian Joseph,             Chalachithrakendram Director

           Organizing Committee Chairman: K Radhakrishnan, Mayor – Thrissur Corporation


2005  - August 26-September 1         

           The second chapter of IFFT was screened at Kairali and Sree Theatres.

           90 films were screened.

           Prof. K.G. Sankarapilai, reputed poet was the director of festival.

           Executive Director: Cherian Joseph, Chalachithrakendram

           Organizing Committee Chairman: K Radhakrishnan, Mayor – Thrissur Corporation


2006  - The third chapter of IFFT was held at Sree and Regional Theatre.

            T V Chandran, film maker, was the director of festival.

            Executive Director: Cherian Joseph, Chalachithrakendram Director

            Organising Committee Chairman: K Radhakrishnan


2008  - 4th Chapter (January 18-24) : The venue of IFFT was Bindu theatre.

           Film maker   Chintha Ravindran was the Festival director.

           Executive Director: Dr K Gopinathan

           Organizing Committee Chairman: Rajaji Mathew Thomas MLA


2009   - 5th IFFT Sunny Joseph was the Festival director

             Venue : Georgettans Ragam theatre & Elite International.

             Executive Directos: Mohammed Arakkal & K.A.Balagopal

             Organizing Committee Chairman: Rajaji Mathew Thomas MLA


2011   -  6th IFFT (March 25-31)was held at Ramdas &Ravikrishna Theatres, Thrissur.

          Sadanand Menon was the director of festival.

          Executive Director: P N Gopikrishnan & P S Manoj Kumar

          Organizing Committee Chairman: I P Paul, Mayor, Thrissur Corporation


2012   -  7th IFFT (January 26 –February 1)

           P N Gopikrishnan was the director

           held at Sapna Theatre & KailasamTheatre.

           Deputy Directors: .K.A. Balagopal, A Radhakrishnan

           Organising Committee Chairman: I P Paul, Mayor, Thrissur Corporation



2013   - 8th IFFT

           Sara Joseph, reputed writer and feminist, was the Director ,

           held at Sree  theatre,Townhall,Thrissur.WadakkancheryThaalamTheatre, &Talikulam Karthika

           Executive Director: Cherian Jospeh, Chalachithrakendram Director           

           Oranising Committee Chairman: I P Paul, Mayor, Thrissur Corporation    

           Working Chairman: Jossie Chandy,& Treasurer A.Radhakrishnan


2014   - IFFT 9th edition-

          Festival Director:;Vidyarthy Chatterjee,internationally acclaimed film critic

          ExecutiveDirector: CherianJoseph,Thrissur Chalachitrakendram Director,

          Org. committee chairman sri.RAJAN.J.PALLAN, Mayor,Thrissur Corporation

          Working Chairman:Jossie Chandy



2015   - 10th IFFT

           Festival Director was Dr.K.Gopinathan

           Exe.Director :Mohammed Arakkal

           Organising committee Chairman :Rajan J  Pallan

           working chairman :Jossie Chandy


           Venues : SREE Theater,Thrissur, Kodakara CITY CINEMA,

           Irinjalakuda SINDHU Theater, Mala Ganga Movies,

           TriprayarSREERAMA,Guruvayur BALAKRISHNA

           KunnamkulamLIVA ,Changaramkulam KRISHNA Movies

           Elanad GIJO Theater, Wadakanchery JAYABHARATH Screen 2


2016  -  11th IFFT

          Festival Director ::Neelan

          Executive Director:: Cherian Joseph

          Org.comm.Chairperson::Smt.AjithaJayarajan,Mayor,Thrissur Corporation


          Mala GANGA Movies,Guruvayur BALAKRISHNA


2017  -  12th  IFFT

         Festival Director ;Dr.T.Meenapillai

         Executive Director::Cherian Joseph,Director, Thrissur Chalachitrakendram


         Venue::KAIRALYTheatre,ThripryarSREERAMA,Irinjalakuda :PRABHAT

          Mala:GANGAMOVIES,Guruvayur BALAKRISHNA



2018  -  13th IFFT

          Festival Director ;; Dr.Roshny Swapna

          Executive Director::Cherian Joseph,Director, Thrissur Chalachitrakendram

          Org.Comm.Chairperson Varghese Kandankulathy,DeputyMayor,ThrissurCorporation

          Venue::KAIRALYTheatre,ThripryarSREERAMA,Irinjalakuda :PRABHAT

          Mala:GANGAMOVIES,Guruvayur BALAKRISHNA


2019  -  14th IFFT ( March 15-21 )

          Festival Director ;;  T Krishnan Unni

          Artistic Director : P N Gopikrishnan

          Executive Director::Cherian Joseph,Director, Thrissur Chalachitrakendram


          Venue::KAIRALYTheatre,ThripryarSREERAMA,Irinjalakuda :PRABHAT

          Mala:GANGAMOVIES,Guruvayur BALAKRISHNA


2020  - 15th IFFT

           Festival Director :Supriya Madangarly

           JURY Chairperson :Smt.Aruna Vasudev ,Members Jahnu Barua &

           FIPRESCI Jury Chairman : PremendraManzumder – Members: Premchand& Madhu Eravankara

           Artistic Director : P N Gopikrishnan

           Executive Director::Cherian Joseph,Director, Thrissur Chalachitrakendram


 Org.Comm.Chairperson: Ajitha Jayarajan , Mayor,ThrissurCorporation


Venue::RAMDAS&RAVIKRISHNATheatre,ThripryarSREERAMA,Irinjalakuda PRABHAT,VarandarappillyDavis ,GRAAMIKA -Kuzhikkatussery,Perinjannam CINEMA PURA, Pavaratty Cinema Centre


2021  -  16th IFFT

          Festival Director : T KRISHNANUNNI

          Artistic Director : P N Gopikrishnan

          Executive Director::Cherian Joseph,Director, Thrissur Chalachitrakendram


Org.Comm.Chairman:M K Varghese ,Mayor,ThrissurCorporation


Venue :  MEDLYCOT HALL,THRISSUR ,ThriprayarSREERAMA,Varandarappilly Davies,

Perinjanam CINEMAPURA , GRAAMIKA-Kuzhikkaatussery  , ENGADIYOOR , Ponnani


2022  - 17th IFFT  - March 27 – April 7

            Festival Director :PremendraManzumder

            Joint Director : K B Venu

            Executive Director : Cherian Joseph ,Director-Chalachitrakendram

2023  - 18th IFFT  - March 03 – 09

            Festival Director :PremendraManzumder

            Joint Director : K B Venu

            Executive Director : Cherian Joseph ,Director-Chalachitrakendram


Organising Committee Chairman : K RAJAN ,(Minister for Revenue )


Venue: Kairali/Sree Theatre,Irinjalakuda Mass Theatre ,Banerji Memorial Club, Thrissur , Centre For Media Studies ,Thrissur

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